First Friday Entertainment for Your Soul

By Donique J. -

Originally Published: December 5, 2017

How’s your First Friday of the month?

Have you heard of Jazz Poetry Café?

Jazz Poetry Cafe Featured Artist:  Cousin Supp

Jazz Poetry Cafe Featured Artist: Cousin Supp

Jazz Poetry Café is the epitome of elegance personified through rich culture in a spiritual atmosphere! It’s a place where you can safely let go of all of your inhibitions and enjoy yourself! It’s a platform for up and coming artists and entrepreneurs to showcase their ministry and gifts to a community that was otherwise unaware! It’s the meeting of the Jews and Gentiles under one roof…. In a natural setting sharing a supernatural experience!” – Carisa Brown, Creator of Jazz Poetry Café

If you’re looking for a date night, friend’s night, get away from the kids night, or just a chance to experience a spiritually fun environment then the Jazz Poetry Café is your go-to place! I personally attended the event and enjoyed every minute of it. I must admit when you hear “spiritual atmosphere” you think church. My experience was far from church, but emotionally heightening. I laughed (a lot), sang, danced, and more! The crowd age ranged, but was very sophisticated and laid back. The artists and vendors present were DOPE!


Jazz Poetry Cafe Featured Artist: Seven J

Jazz Poetry Cafe Featured Artist: Seven J

Don’t disturb me on First Friday nights! I’ll be at Jazz Poetry Café. I hope to see you there!

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